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PCB Assembly

We are a full-service Printed Circuit Board assembly house and Electronics Contract Manufacturing service provider.

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Add-On Services

We offer a complete suite of Add-On Services including wire stripping, box assembly, soldering, quality inspection and more.

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High Standards

We are a family owned PCB Assembly House since 1993 with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the industry.

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ISO:9001:2015 & ISO: 14001:2018 Certified

We are a ISO:9001:2015 & ISO: 14001:2018 certified contract manufacturer with both Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities under one roof.

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A Full-Service PCB Assembly House

Yun Industries: 25 years as a family owned and operated Electronics Manufacturing Service provider

Yun Industrial and ACME PCB Assembly has been providing Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly for 25 years.

We provide a complete suite of PCB services, including PCB Assembly, Rework and Modification, BGA, SMT, Turnkey, Thru-Hole, Lead Free, and Prototype Assembly, plus an extensive line of Add on services.

We are a mid-sized EMS company – a good match for production runs that range from prototype to 20,000 units. Being a mid-sized contract manufacturer, we are more flexible and responsive to production requirements than the larger assembly houses.

We continually strive to have the latest technology to provide the highest quality PCB assembly services with competitive prices.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

PCB Rework & Modification

Box Assembly

Technical support

Turnkey assembly

Conferment Coating

Wire Harness / Cable Harness

Component Procurement

Wire Stripping


Hand Saudering

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Serving these industries and more


We serve the premiere aerospace community in Greater Los Angeles.


Transition your new product from concept and design to volume production.

Medical Technology

Our customers include medical device manufacturers, nationwide.


We assemble printed circuit boards used in most consumer electronic products.

Security Technology

We assemble PCB's for monitors, wireless alarm and other electronic security products.


We provide PCB assembly for products that drive today's automation systems.

What our clients say

  • I've used Yun Industrial / ACME PCB for four PCBs, all of which had 18 layers and over 1,400 components ranging from 676-pin BGAs to bypass capacitors in 0201 (impossible to find if you drop them) packages. Troubleshooting these boards to correct assembly problems would have been a complete nightmare. Fortunately, that wasn't necessary. Yun Industrial did an excellent job on all four boards. I highly recommend them, especially to anyone using components in state-of-the-art packages.

    Richard McPeak
    Richard McPeak
  • I have used Yun Industrial / ACME PCB for over four years and they have done outstanding work for us on challenging projects. Their technical ability and quality control is top notch, and they really take the time to respond to customers' needs. Very professional, and high quality work with no missed deadlines, in my experience.

    Reid Harrison
    Reid Harrison
  • I highly recommend Yun Industrial. After I had prototype PCBs assembled, they went out of their way to assist me when I needed to make modifications. The service was incredible and the work was high quality.

    Shari Ekenas
    Shari Ekenas


Using the best machinery is what makes our company serve you better.