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Proud to Be a Lead-Free PCB Assembly Provider

Proud to Be a Lead-Free PCB Assembly Provider

There’s a reason that in the United States we no longer allow lead in paint or in gasoline. Though lead is a naturally occurring element, it can be highly toxic to humans. It has been connected with behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, slowed growth, anemia, and even coma and death in severe cases. Children and pregnant women are the most at risk of lead poisoning.

For a long time, lead has been part of the soldering process, which is critical to making printed circuit boards. Here at Yun Industrial ACME PCB Assembly, we have made the commitment to adopt lead-free solders. Replacing lead solders requires more than just replacing equipment. Lead-free solders have a higher melting point, which means we have had to revise our entire production and assembly process. This required re-training our workers.

Though the change was difficult, it was worth it to remove the risk of lead exposure from our facilities.  Now, when you work with us, you know that you are working with a lead-free PCB assembly provider.

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