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The new ERSA PL650A Helps Grow Our Services

The new ERSA PL650A Helps Grow Our Services

We are proud to announce the addition of a new piece of technology to our PCB assembly services. The ERSA PL 650A, a flexible rework powerhouse for challenging tasks. This rework machine gives us the flexibility to work on many projects including extra-large printed circuit boards (PCBs) up to 20″ x 24″ (500 mm x 625 mm). It is one of ERSA’s flagship machines with one of the industry’s largest and most powerful bottom-side heaters – an 8,000 W medium wavelength IR heater measuring 500 mm x 625 mm.

This high-performance assembly unit includes Flexible desoldering, placement and soldering of all types of surface mounted devices (SMD), especially: high mass BGA, metallic BGA, CGA, CCGA, BGA socket, multilayer boards or aluminium laminated substrate, BGA-multiway connector, large QFP, large PLCC, high pole THT components; for QFP components an optional split optics cassette is available.

  • Four programmable heating zones in the top emitter 1,200 W
  • Five programmable heating zones in the bottom emitter 3,200 W
  • Integrated “DIGITAL 2000 A” solder station for rework
  • and removal of residual solder
  • Four thermocouple measuring channels and a non-contact IR sensor
  • Dynamic IR heating technology for large (460 x 560 mm) PCBs
  • High precision (+/- 0.025 mm) Auto Pick & Place with motor zoom AF camera
  • Intuitive operation with PC connection
  • Process control and documentation via the operator software IRSoft
  • Motor zoom reflow process camera for process viewing
  • Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station