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We Provide the Latest Technology

Cut & Strip

The PowerStrip 9550 combines the utmost in precision and performance which cover an unbeatable range of application possibilities. Thanks to the modular design, the machine can be adapted to the customer's requirements and processing modules retrofitted at any time, making the investment a wise choice for today and tomorrow’s wire processing needs.

PCB Rework Center

The Ersa IR/PL650 Large Rework Station has advantages for reworking bigger PCB assemblies. While still a modular system the it has many more elements to extend its flexibility beyond that of other comparable systems. Individually controlled segmented top and bottom heater; programmable pick and place; Auto control of dip process to name but a few.

Ultra-Low Humidity Storage

McDry dry boxes, dry cabinets and desiccators provide optimal ultra-low humidity and moisture-proof storage for IC packages. Moisture-sensitive components when safely and properly stored in McDry have an indefinite floor-life and micro-cracking or pop-corning during the reflow process is not an issue.

Jacket Stripping

The JacketStrip 8310 precisely slits the outer jacket of insulated cables. With its unique patented floating blade system, round or out-of-round cables can be processed without damaging the underlying cable layers.

PCB inspection

Nordson YESTECH's advanced 5 megapixel color camera imaging technology offers PCB inspection with great defect coverage. This benchtop system inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput. The optional four side viewing cameras add additional inspection capabilities found only on in-line systems.

Convection Reflow Ovens

BTU’s Pyramax™ family of high-throughput convection reflow ovens is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for SMT solder reflow, semiconductor packaging and LED packaging and assembly.

Pyramax™ reflow ovens provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency.

Coax Cable Stripping

The CoaxStrip 5400 is a semi-automatic, programmable stripping machine designed to perform both single and multiple stage strips. Production proven mechanics, combined with state-of-the-art electronics, a user-friendly display and included PC software create an easy to use platform which offers maximum efficiency.

X-Ray Inspection

The TruView™ Flex was designed to meet the needs of the modern high mix/low volume electronic manufacturing company. The TruView™ Flex is a powerful inline x-ray system when you need it to be. It’s automated, fast, and precise.

Multi-Purpose Mounters

Our XPF-W High-Speed Multi-Purpose Mounters feature 12 nozzle slots. It is a compact placing machine that offers the flexibility and speed to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.